Monday, April 5, 2010

The powerful of ubuntu gEdit editor

When I first use Ubuntu linux I was looking for a suitable and powerful texteditor for web development and I found many tools out there, and I forgot to try the default text editor that comes by default with linux , the gedit.
By default when you open gedit for the first time you will feel suck for the current customisation, but when you start to play with it's tools you will feel great

First open it by : Application >> Accessories >> gedit .

how to customise gedit

from Edit menu click preferences and from the view tab
  1. Check display line number
  2. Check highlight current line
  3. Play with other options to discover them

from the view tab

  • Set the tab indentation number as you like , I set it 4.
  • Check enable automatic indentation

from the font tab

  1. Set the font type to monospace and the font size to 11 to make your text more readable
  2. There are many Color Schemes you can try any of them if you like.

From the plugins tab there are many of useful plugins such as

  1. Snippets: it will make you more productive by insert often pieces of code you are using usually.
  2. Indent lines : indents or un-indents selected lines.
  3. Sort : sorts a document or selected text .
  4. File Browser Pane: a mini file browser embedded in the editor
  5. Code comment: a shortcut to comment your code. Many languages are supported

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